Top Ten Reasons Latham Excels in

PWS Residential Placement

10. Cape Cod is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Our main campus, where our children’s program is housed, is in the historic town of Brewster while our adult houses are situated in various towns and villages of the Cape. Each town has its own character, appeal and unrivaled natural scenery.
9. We have been working with PWS for a long time. Experience is worth a lot and we have a lot of it. Since 1980 we have been working with individuals with PWS and have been honing our skills since then. Each day we learn more and each day our services improve.
8. There is strength in numbers. For many of our students and individuals, coming to Latham is like discovering a home they never knew they had. For the first time many of them now have peers that are also diagnosed with PWS. Having friends and relationships with people who really understand you builds bonds of belonging, as well as a sense of security.
7. When the food is secure, you can concentrate on the rest of your life. All Latham buildings and residences are food secure. Obviously, this includes all cooking facilities, but it also extends to offices, events and staff belongings. By doing our part to make “food” a non-issue, our students and individuals find it easier to focus on other aspects of their lives. Unlike other environments our individuals have no hope in securing additional food sources here.
6. Delicious, nutritious meals. Our PWS menu provides high quality nutrition that is delicious and varied on a menu that is structured and predictable. Our students and individuals know well beforehand what the meal is and how much of it they are going to get. This consistency is crucial to what we do.
5. Our staff are leaders in the field. As said earlier, experience can be priceless. Latham staff are highly trained; specifically in working with individuals with PWS. Each staff member attends a week long orientation, monthly trainings, weekly staff meetings, exposure to outside experts on PWS and the support of other highly, trained and experienced colleagues. Our staff are the ones who make the program exceptional.
4. Lots and lots of vibrant opportunities. Both our adults and children’s programs offer numerous experiences, outings, activities and events specifically tailored for individuals with PWS. The lives of our students and adults are full of engagement, learning and enjoyment. Whether it is learning through vocational opportunities, enjoying a horseback riding class, creating a work of art or attending a dance with your friends-each day has a wonderful opportunity in it.
3. The Latham program treats the whole person. This is what sets Latham apart. Prader-Willi Syndrome is expressed differently in individuals and needs individual treatment. It is not just a “food disorder” or an issue of creating a solid behavior plan to address issues. It is far more than that and the treatment needs to be fully integrated and knowledgeable of the syndrome. Our entire program has been created specifically to support the students and individuals in our care.
2. The program is a lot of fun. Our students and individuals create wonderful lives while they are with us. As staff members, it is a rare privilege to witness how a new member of our Latham community can blossom in this environment.
1. Latham gets it. As a parent, teacher, referring agency or individual with PWS, if you have talked to the outside world about PWS, you understand what this statement means. Here at Latham Centers, we have been in this special field for over 40 years and understand the many special challenges of the syndrome.