At Latham Centers, we employ an overarching philosophy that helps to guide us in many of our interactions and communication among staff, residents, and family. This philosophy is called the Circle of Courage.  The Circle is based on the concept that all people share four universal needs to be happy, successful, and fulfilled.

They are:

  • BELONGING – recognizing that every person needs to feel part of a group or community
  • MASTERY – recognizing that everyone should feel that they are capable and skilled in at least one area
  • INDEPENDENCE – recognizing that every person needs to have a voice and a sense of control over themselves
  • GENEROSITY – recognizing that the most powerful thing a person can do is to provide service to someone else

Each month the staff, students and adult residents focus on one of the four pillars of the Circle of Courage™. Students and residents may celebrate belonging by collaborating on a group project. Mastery may be celebrated when individuals reach out to others on that same project, and help them in an area that needs improvement. Independence is celebrated every day as residents learn to voice concerns and learn from mistakes. Lastly, generosity is felt every day at Latham Centers as the staff and residents’ approach to teaching and learning results in a harmony unmet at any other special needs organization.
To read about how we specifically Shape our Circle at Latham Centers, please read the Latham Centers blog here.