Winter Storms on Campus

February 16, 2016

Winter on Latham Campus


Despite today’s warm temperatures, it seems that our Cape Cod winter has finally hit. It feels that not a day goes by without a small flurry here or there. On Monday, February 8th the students and staff on Latham Campus truly embraced our first large storm.
As many inches of snow fell throughout the day, students enjoyed looking at the beautiful landscape and reveled in the opportunities to assist with shoveling around campus. While snow can provide many hazards for our students, it brings much joy and excitement on campus. Students were thrilled about the opportunity for a “fun day” in school; consisting of arts and crafts, movies, and shoveling. In residence students looked forward to opportunities to go sledding and play in the snow on campus.
Take a look at our beautiful snow-covered-campus captured by our vocational aide Fred. Shoveling provides another vocational opportunity to our students, who are delighted to assist our maintenance crew in ensuring our campus is safe!

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