What’s Up Latham School?

June 30, 2014

After a very long winter, and an even longer spring, summer has finally arrived. The students of Latham have found many successes over the course of the year. Multiple students passed their states standardized test, both the Regents (New York) and the MCAS (Massachusetts). Thanks to the Latham Works Vocational Team (Andy and Fred) we have over 50 on-campus jobs and 6 off-campus employment opportunities. Even more amazing, all 47 students are employed in some capacity. 
The students of Latham participated in multiple art shows that stretched from Hyannis to Wellfleet. Teachers created lesson plans that included sensory integration to meet the needs of those with Prader-Willi Syndrome. Classrooms have sensory rooms, sensory boards, classroom pets, and more importantly the most dedicated educators in the world (of course I am biased). Latham has incorporated 21 iPads into the 7 classrooms that has led to more hands-on learning than in years past. The textbook is going the way of the dinosaur! Our transitional classrooms participated in over 130 community outings during the school day placing emphasis on social skills, transportation, human rights, and good old fashioned fun. Students participated in Lights, Camera, Action! a media class that was displayed on the Promethean Boards after the morning announcements. Everything from the joke of the day to the weather and even health tips were shown daily at 8:35 AM.
Shifting our focus to summer programming, the students will continue to attend school, following curriculum and maintaining previously established skills. Teachers have their creative juices flowing and will be providing the students with innovative lesson plans. Sensory Art will be taught and environmental science will be explored using Cape Cod as a natural resource. Our students will visit our world renown beaches for exercise and to build their swimming skills. For a peaceful mind we will be offering Yoga to our individuals with calming background music. There is nothing like a Cape Cod summer and we, at Latham, plan on using our extraordinary environment to our advantage! Other club opportunities include, Lights, Camara Action! (a student favorite), fishing at the local pond, Maintenance (to continue to build those vocational skills), and, of course, biking in the afternoon. We look forward to another wonderful summer filled with fun and learning and we want thank our staff for providing such awesome opportunities for our students.
Have a wonderful summer!
Submitted by:
Gerald Pouliot, M.Ed
Director or Education 

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