What My School Means to Me

January 29, 2015

What My School Means to Me
by: Patrick

What school means to me is having a good education, good grades, friends, safety, being organized, respectful, responsible, friendly, polite, good manners, and just to have fun. I like Latham because most of the people here are more sincere and more understanding towards your feelings as opposed to a public school. Have you ever felt like fitting in a group to be accepted or trying to impress your peers in order for them to like you? I have because at my other school, everybody seemed to be more focused on themselves because they wanted other people to like them. What I think is people should be who they are for people to like them and if just one person doesn’t like you there are so many other people that you can be friends with. It is important to make friends and keep them instead of trying to make yourself look popular. If people went too far with it, nobody would want to be friends because they don’t like show-offs. So make the right choice and what you think is the best decision. 

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