Welcome Summer!

June 25, 2012

There are few things I anticipate with more excitement & joy than the approach of Summer! Sunny days, daylight till 9pm, high tides, warm sand, and friends. This is what makes Cape Cod the place to be for hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.  I have always considered myself to be lucky to live and work here. This beautiful place has an emotional hold on me.  I believe this is my geographic soul-mate; the place I am meant to be.
In the coming weeks, new members of the Latham Centers community will be joining us. For some, it will be their first time “over the bridge”. They are not tourists, they are coming to find a new way to cope with their own challenging needs. We welcome them to our campus, to supportive homes in the communities around the Cape. We look forward to learning their stories, sharing our knowledge and working together to improve their quality of life. Some will be with us for a short period of time, some for longer. Regardless of their challenge, we believe that Latham Centers is a place for new beginnings.  So…Welcome, Summer of 2012. Welcome to Latham, new students, adults and families!
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Chris Gallant

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