We Love Cape Cod, End of Summer Celebration!

September 4, 2009

Cape Cod has some of the most beautiful beaches in all the world. Within minutes from our campus, there is easy access to ocean beaches with surf, bay beaches with warm, calm water and, if the tide is right, miles of open sand flats. The natural beauty around us is one of the greatest perks of our location

All summer long our kids have been fully enjoying Cape Cod. Almost daily there have been beach outings that have included swimming, beach walks, seashell scavenger hunts and kite flying. Today was the culmination of the summer’s activities.

This morning, the grill was packed up, the umbrellas were stowed with the beach towels and the kids were lathered up with their sunscreen as everyone headed out to West Dennis beach for a cookout. Since school starts next week, kids are doing their best to suck up the end of summer.

To all the day was a success. The kids have returned tired, but full of smiles and good memories from their Cape Cod summer. As school starts, it is days like this that the kids will remember most. These have been carefree, fun days where there was nothing to worry about. Sometimes a good day on the beach is the best medicine for what ails you.

“In summer, the song sings itself.”
~William Carlos Williams

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