Trip to Roger Williams Performing Arts Center Fun For Everyone!

November 22, 2011

I just wanted to let everyone know that our trip to Roger Williams Performing Arts Center was a HUGE success! Students were able to meet resident actors and learn the art of improvisation, get a tour of the entire theatre, try on costumes, and even help create  part of the set for the upcoming  play!
Some highlights of the trip:

  • JH was able to work in the sound booth! He learned how to run the light board and was even able to make cues on head set with the other light board operator! He was on cloud nine the entire time!
  • DA got the chance to work with actors in workshops and completely  opened up on stage. He was so enthusiastic and happy to be on a stage working with real actors. He was such a strong leader and the other students truly looked up to him while he was a part of the workshops.
  • BY found a Sherlock Holmes costume and stayed in character the entire trip! Everyone addressed him as Sherlock and we were able to get some pretty fantastic pictures.
  •  DW fell in love with the costume shop and tried on several gowns and had a photo shoot with the actors!

There are PLENTY of other stories I could share but ask the students instead! They loved every minute and Roger Williams was so impressed with their manners and respect for the theatre. We have been invited back for future workshops and even a FREE SHOW!        *more details to come*

Thank you so much to the staff that came out to help! Your enthusiasm and encouragement gave our students that small boost of confidence they needed to get on stage!

Contributed by:
Casey Ann Mandel

“Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.”
 ~ Sanford Meisner

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