Transitional Classes visit Adult Services group residence


Several of the students from Latham School’s “transitional classes” (Race Point, Breakwater, Bass River, and Rock Harbor) recently visited the Adult Services Program’s Peter Cooper home to interview residents and staff and learn about living in a group residence. It was a great success, thanks to teachers Fred Walters, Jeffrey Lee, Katie Jaeger, and Catherine Christianson who headed up this endeavor, along with Adult Services Residential Manager Patricia Morgan.

Here are just a few of the questions students asked in their interviews with Adult Program staff and residents:

  • What do people living there do in their free time?  (Answers: Things like hiking, going to the YMCA to exercise, video games…)  What do you do for activities on the weekend, and how much does it cost? (Answers: We do free activities like hiking, Special Olympics, going to parks and the library… We have to pay for movies and any activity that requires admission.)

  • How do we get to the activities?  (Answers:  Staff drives; sometimes we use public transportation or Uber.)

  • Are we responsible for our own transportation to work, Adult day program, school, and medical appointments? (Answers: Yes; staff or a bus will transport you – but if you are late and miss your ride, you have to pay for a taxi or Uber ride, and that is expensive. If you have a job, vocational staff will drive you.)

  • What skills are helpful to know when moving to Adult Services? (Answers: Money management skills; you will have a bank account, so you need to know how to budget your money and pay bills – also knowing how to use a debit and credit card; follow directions; complete morning-time and night-time routines independently; know how to tell time…)

  • How do you do conflict resolution between peers? (Answer: We talk to our housemates; we have a house meeting about issues.)

  • Is there a bedtime?  (Answer: No, but there is a quiet time starting at 11:00 p.m. You have to be responsible to yourself and get enough sleep to work or go to day program.)

Students who didn’t go on the house visit will learn from those who did. Students are keeping their interview questions and answers in a transitional binder that they will be building throughout the year.

Special thanks to the staff and residents of Peter Cooper – especially Matt – for hosting the Adult Services Program house tour and interview.

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