Transition from School to Adult Life

December 12, 2012

Recently Latham Centers opened a new adult program located in South Yarmouth. The Hazelmoor residential program will be able to offer a successful transition from Latham School to adult life for these young adults. As students prepare for their transition, they will be exploring their interests and opportunities as they approach this next stage in their lives. The students are able to meet current adult residents and tour many of the adult residential programs starting the process early and thinking about what they want to be able to do in adult life. This residential transition planning includes exploring post-secondary opportunities and employment options when he or she graduates or turn 22 years of age. Residential staff members offer on-going supportive services and mentoring to encourage independent living skills, mood management skills, achieve a balance between physical health and fitness, maintain an organized environment, establish healthy relationship patterns, and build self-esteem and values.

Submitted by:
Elton Cutler
Residential Manager

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