TIP of the WEEK: The Importance of Training

February 8, 2013

We spent this past week with a visit from Dr. Jan Forster and Dr. Linda Gourash from the Pittsburg Partnership. Both Dr. Forster and Dr. Gourash are ongoing consultants for Latham Centers and their frequent visits are jam packed with direct individual consultations, site visits and staff training. Even the most seasoned staff members need to have the opportunity to learn, share their own knowledge and get updated on the most current best practices.

Training sets a standard for core competencies, allows a person to develop personally and professionally and allows an agency to set a level of optimal care standards for safety, health care, behavioral interventions and many other areas. The recent visit from Dr. Forster and Dr. Gourash gave our staff an opportunity to brainstorm and learn from their extensive experience working with children and adults diagnosed with PWS.

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Patrice Carroll

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