TIP of the WEEK: Exercise Wisely

August 10, 2012

Any exercise is good exercise. That’s not necessarily true. Yes, we want our kids active but we should be thoughtful about how and when we get them moving. Our kids need exercises that not only burn calories but also improve their overall quality of life. Core exercises like mid section stretches, twists with weighted balls, balancing as you see with many yoga poses will have lasting effects on posture and breathing. We recommend exercising before meals to help motivate them but did you know that exercising after a meal decreases regurgitation behaviors?

Taking deep breaths is an important part of living a healthy life and so many of our kids do not do this correctly. Breathing deeply rids the body of toxins, releases tension, relieves pain, strengthens your immune system and improves muscle performance. To teach your kids how to deep breathe have them exercise their lungs by blowing up a balloon or blow bubbles with gum. Simply asking them to take a deep breath will not get the correct results, they need to practice and practice until they learn how it feels to inhale and exhale deeply enough to have to best results.

Using exercise programs like wii games or kinect are fun but we often see kids just moving their arms and not getting the correct work out.   Exercise should be fun but beneficial at the same time. Use the time wisely and the effort you put in now teaching good exercise habits will have life long benefits.

Submitted by:
Patrice Carroll

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