TIP of the WEEK: Brain Breaks

July 24, 2015


Brain breaks allow students to better focus, engage and remain calm when asked to participate in any one subject or learning activity for longer than 30 minutes. Brain breaks improve concentration and ultimately help the student learn more effectively. Five minutes is all it takes to clear their minds and boost their attention span. Here are some examples of brain breaks:
1. The wiggle dance. Starting with their toes and moving all the way up. This is an energizing activity that is always met with lots of laughs.
2. Imaginary drawings. Have the student draw something in the air and have the other kids guess what it is.
3. Shake the floor. Have the students stomp their feet as hard as they can. This is also a great sensory activity for sensory seekers.
4. Congo line!
5. Five minute dance party.
6. Simon says. Let students take turns leading.
A few minutes every half hour is all it takes to keep our kids focused and excited about learning. We would love to hear your brain break ideas.
Patrice Carroll
Manager of PWS Services

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