This Place Matters: A Latham Centers Reunion with Susan Lindquist

July 17, 2014

As one of the Lower Cape’s largest employers, Latham Centers has many “alum employee” friends in the community.  One of those individuals is Susan Lindquist of Brewster. Latham Development staff Katrina Fryklund and Gerry Desautels met with Susan Lindquist at Lower Cape TV in Eastham to record for Cable TV and WOMR radio “This Place Matters.” Lindquist, former Program Director at Latham Centers in the early years, is the host of the show.  “This Place Matters” features interviews with Cape Cod Professionals about important matters in the community.  The show will air on television channels 99 and 22 on July 23rd at 12:30 as well as on WOMR, 92.1 FM and WFMR, 91.3 FM.  Please see the TV schedule HERE.
Susan, Gerry, and Katrina reminisced about Latham’s past and celebrated Latham’s future.  View the show online or in a compatible listening/viewing area to learn of the dramatic changes in Latham’s training processes and the progress Latham Centers’ residential clinicians and staff have made over its 44 year history, specifically in regards to PWS programming.
The show also touches upon Latham’s newest vocational initiative–Latham Lifelong Pet Care. As individuals with complex special needs are highly underemployed, those with PWS can face even more severe obstacles in finding meaningful and safe employment environments. Latham Lifelong Pet Care sees individuals with PWS not only as hirable, but essential to the new program’s success and vitality. Moreover, Latham Lifelong Pet Care meets the pet care needs of the Cape Community through dog walking and short and long-term care options.
To learn more about “This Place Matters” please click HERE.
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Katrina Fryklund

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