Therapy Donkeys Bring Smiles

December 10, 2012

A donkey’s gentle and affectionate nature brings a calming effect over all who they come into contact with. Donkeys especially enjoy human interactions and this helps to lift people’s spirits.Their nature acts as a type of magnet drawing all people to them. Recently, this was especially true when the donkeys had a couple of visits from some students from the Latham School. The students really enjoyed interacting with the donkeys. This was a unique experience for the students and it brought lots of smiles. It was a visibly uplifting experience to the students spirit during donkey petting. The students had many questions about working with the donkeys and taking care of them. The donkeys always seem to bring out the best in people– this is typically immediate and significant. Many of our individuals have stated that their interaction with our donkeys has been one of their life’s highlights.

Submitted by:
Elton Cutler
Residential Manager

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