The Cowgirl Way

February 20, 2014

I am a woman outside of my comfort zone. This is fortunately by choice so I knew (kind of) what I was getting myself into. It gives me pause to think how much we expect of kids to be flexible with changes, expected as well as sudden ones. Everything is just slightly off and I feel out of balance with the world. The good news is that snow is only a four letter word here in sunny, warm Arizona. What I struggle with is the foreignness of the landscape, the fashion, and my abode, affectionately named Casa de Lata–house of tin.

I am spending my vacation at an RV resort. Whoever is in charge here has obviously learned a thing or two about good programming. There are lots of activities, friendly & helpful staff, excellent resources, clubs, beautiful grounds–you get the picture. And as weird as this may sound, it reminds me of Latham. So why then am I out of sorts? Role-reversal. Here, I am not part of the staff, I am in fact, the kid. This is a very interesting and revealing view for me to consider and I will definitely remember this when I get back to the office. Now, if only I could convince everyone that cowboy hats are optional…..

Submitted by:
Chris Gallant

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