The Circle of Courage at Latham Centers: Mastery

February 25, 2015

I believe that every member of the Latham community has a powerful contribution to make. Being good at what we do- having “Mastery” in our life- is a basic human need. When you consciously align with “Mastery”, when you step forward to make a contribution, and when you consciously strive to improve your skills, you obtain a high level of satisfaction with your life. 

Latham success increases when all members of the community are engaged and contributing. The specifics of these contributions are not as important as the need to be engaged and to feel responsible for the welfare of this community. For our employees, “Mastery” may focus on honing their professional skills while community supporters may contribute by spreading the message of what we are doing to other people. Students and adult residents can lead by example and be accountable for positive peer to peer interactions. Fostering this skill in your personal life leads to marvelous outcomes.

The world needs more people who feel fulfilled and competent in life.  “Mastery” is important in our individual lives as well as our collective future.

CHALLENGE: Pick one of the activities below and commit to your own personal Mastery.

1. Think of something that you are naturally good at. Find one simple and new way to contribute those skills in an easily achievable project. Spending more time doing things that come easy to you and that you enjoy results in more fulfillment and joy. It’s a double bonus if your project benefits another person.

2. Look to either side of you. Find a way to make the life of the people around you better in a small way without looking for anything in return. 

3. Do something for Latham today that contributes to our Mission. Whether big or small, how can you contribute your spirit to our important work? Whether it is volunteering time, telling a friend about our organization or providing a donation of your skills- get involved with the community by giving of yourself. It will benefit all of us and will leave you feeling you fulfilled.

By Tim Vaughan
Director of Leadership & Growth

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