The Blizzard

January 22, 2014

What an adventure it was getting into work today. Ultimately, I needed a ride as my Prius, while great on gas, is not so good plowing through the untouched snow. Blizzard conditions were expected (and delivered) throughout the night and into the morning. News crews from the Boston stations were deployed around the Cape and reported on the weather event as we seemed to be in the bull’s eye of the storm. Again.

As we pulled into the parking area my husband commented that there were a lot of cars already here. And that is important. It means that our staff, determined and dedicated, came in at all hours of the night and morning. Public schools are closed. Government offices are closed. Stores and restaurants are closed. But Latham Centers never closes. Like hospitals and other public safety and emergency jobs, we are always open to provide support and service to a remarkable group of people, by a remarkable group of people.

As I made my way through the residences and school, I saw staff engaged with our students, beginning the day with activities for a “snow day”. No one needed my assistance. No one was under-staffed. My offers to help somewhere were graciously refused because the fact of the matter is …I am just not needed. They have this under control. As an administrator, I am walking away thinking–they got this down pat and I am unnecessary and probably in the way. As a parent, I only hope my kids experienced this quality of care from their professional care-givers over the years. I guess it is time to huddle down in my office and get through some long-delayed paperwork! Stay warm everyone!

Submitted by:
Chris Gallant

“Commitment is an act, not a word” 
~Jean-Paul Sartre

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