Telling Our Stories

June 4, 2015


As an additional series to our Latham Blog, we have reached out to both our students and adult residents, and asked them to tell us THEIR stories. These individuals all call Latham Centers home, and have courageously battled through medical and familial issues to be where they are today. Some will tell stories of what makes them happiest while others will tell you their history of medical diagnoses like PWS. These amazing, real-world stories, tell the truth behind what it means to have special needs from our incredibly respected residents. We thank every resident for sharing, and every staffer for listening. To respect the privacy of our individuals, we have changed their names.


Heather’s Disability:
Living at home was very difficult for me and I had many tough days. Doctors were always learning how to keep my medication right and I would often get overwhelmed in public. I have both Bipolar Disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome. I have been receiving special education since Kindergarten and it was always difficult for me to talk to adults and doctors. Often, I tended to handle my feelings negatively, through crying and becoming upset. One day my advocate told me I should go into a special program. We looked at a lot, and we found Latham. Staff here at Latham taught me coping skills and to use my words. They have been here for me through thick and thin. When I came to Latham, for the first time I knew what happy felt like. Latham is a godsend and I will always be grateful.

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