Telling our Stories

September 29, 2015

-1*We have reached out to both our students and adult residents who call Latham Centers home and have asked them to tell us their stories. They’ve courageously battled through medical and familial issues to be where they are today and they tell the stories of what makes them happiest while others will tell you about their journey through  medical diagnoses like PWS. These stories tell the truth behind what it means to have special needs from our incredibly respected residents and we thank every resident for sharing and every staffer for listening. To respect the privacy of our individuals, we have changed their names.

My name is Jennifer and I have PWS. I overcame many challenges during my younger years. I have a lot of trouble controlling how much I eat because of my Prader-Willis syndrome. This makes it hard to go out to eat because I have to control my calories. Even though it is hard I still go out with my family and my class. I enjoy my time when I am out.
Another challenge that I face is my skin picking behavior. Sometimes it is very hard for me to control my picking. This has caused me to have infections. Since coming to Latham Centers I have gained a lot of coping skills like burlap, sensory balls, and bubble wrap. Those help me.
This year I participated in my first Special Olympics events. I was a part of Latham’s track team. I did the long jump and won a gold metal! I also won a silver medal in the 100 meter dash. Even though I struggle sometimes, I still love my life. I have good friends and l love to laugh.      

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