Telling our Stories

June 15, 2015


*We have reached out to both our students and adult residents who call Latham Centers home and have asked them to tell us their stories. They’ve courageously battled through medical and familial issues to be where they are today and they tell the stories of what makes them happiest while others will tell you about their journey through  medical diagnoses like PWS. These stories tell the truth behind what it means to have special needs from our incredibly respected residents and we thank every resident for sharing and every staffer for listening. To respect the privacy of our individuals, we have changed their names.

Hi, my name is Nicky. I am 20 years old and I like to do a lot of fun things. My favorite thing to do is go swimming. I’m a really good swimmer. I’m a really good friend. I also like playing water games outside during school. I have a disability and it is called PWS, which stands for Prader-Willi Syndrome. This means I’m potentially hungry all the time. This is a cognitive disability. This contains low muscle tone and obsessive compulsive disorder. Also you have trouble with things like skin picking and stealing food. If you have PWS you need to control these problems because if you don’t you can get sick. I go to a school called Latham. It is fun to be at Latham and I am very lucky.
The activities we do here at Latham are the best activities in activity history. I can’t even be more thankful to be at Latham. I really like the fact that Latham is on Cape Cod in Brewster, Massachusetts on beautiful Route 6A. Latham is a special school for children with Prader-Willi Syndrome. The school is on a beautiful campus with a special needs playground with a swing set, a slide, a glider, bars to hang onto, monkey bars, climbing boards, a hopscotch playset, and a merry-go-round. I couldn’t have found a better place that is so special. I personally would tell parents across the United States of America that Latham is the only place for their children.

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