Team Latham: 18 Victors in 2014 New Balance Falmouth Road Race

August 18, 2014

A big congratulations to all eighteen runners in this year’s Falmouth Road Race and to all twenty fundraisers! Amidst nearly 13,000 race participants, our 18 charity runners successfully ran through the finish line on a beautiful, mildly breezy day Sunday, August 17.
To date, Team Latham has raised more than $23,000 from almost 300 generous supporters towards vocational and educational programs at Latham Centers. Proceeds will help our students and adults to attend events such as Special Olympics and partake in physical enrichment activities and assistive educational technology. With Team Latham donors stepping up to the plate even today, some runners are going to continue fundraising throughout the week in an effort for some to still meet their individual $1,000 goals, and for others to exceed goal!
To make a general team donation click here, and all the runners will benefit from your kindness. To see a list of all 18 runners and help a specific runner meet or exceed his or her goal, please click here. We truly appreciate all the hard work of our runners, as well as the generosity of our runners’ sponsors who have supported the very dedicated Team Latham!

“If someone can make it from where I was to where I am now, anyone can do it.” –Latham Student and Runner Ryan M.
Thank you to the 2014 Team Latham Runners/Fundraisers:
Steve Bebrin 
Andrew Cramer
Jo-Ellen Erickson
Scott Esselman
 Ryan M.
John Bonanni
Melinda Brennan
Kalyn Mika
Gerry Pouliot
Meghan Pouliot
Travis Tebbetts
Mary Ware
Nancy Warner
Chris Bonelli
Magda Moran
Evan Wilson
Katrina Fryklund
Anne Haglof
Gracie Stark

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