Teachers Excelling at Latham Centers

March 4, 2015

Meghan Pouliot (left) with Kara McDowell (Pictured Right) Meghan with two Latham students.

Two months ago, I had the pleasure of nominating one of our employees for the “2015 Excellence in Teaching Award” hosted and awarded by the Massachusetts Association of Approved Private Schools (maaps). In contemplating which teacher I would nominate amongst our vastly talented teachers, Meghan stood out for many reasons. The award was given to another deserving candidate, however, Meghan deserves extreme recognition for her  contributions and dedication to Latham Centers.

Meghan has taught in one of our older classrooms, “Nauset”, for two and half years, and has expanded her career in many aspects. Meghan is enrolled in her masters and continues to volunteer outside of Latham. She ran the Falmouth Road Race in Latham’s honor this past year and raised significant funds for the work we do here at Latham. She created and instructs our, “Lights Camera Action” club which uses digital media to create the announcements that are played in all of our classrooms each morning. Meghan expanded her mastery of this by creating more differentiated forms of media and is teaching the students how to use each one. Meghan also creates a yearbook each year for the students and staff. She utilizes different electronic cameras to take pictures of staff and students, and utilizes a program on the computer to put together a yearbook. Meghan is also proficient in her use of the iPad and Promethean Board in her classroom. Her expertise in many modes of technology is one to be admired. She is consistently finding new resources to utilize in her curriculum and integrates the vast and expanding world of technology in her classroom.
One of the most outstanding contributions Meghan has made here at Latham is her integration of a class entitled “Nauset Circle”. Meghan has created a time block in her classroom schedule dedicated to students learning how to communicate with one another on a variety of topics. Meghan has created a curriculum that encompasses the need for positive, effective communication amongst both staff and peers. Upon viewing this class, one sees that all students are active participants; raising hands, speaking clearly and softly, and engaged. Meghan ensures that all of her students’ voices are heard, and that all thoughts and feelings are shared. Meghan also has created a dynamic where voices are talked about; what one student brings up, the entire class has a discussion on. Meghan has instilled an amazing atmosphere in her classroom.

Meghan has also been an influential member of our team in that she goes above and beyond for her coworkers. She is the first to volunteer to stay late on a shift, come in early, or go the extra mile in any way. She is always willing to assist students in any area, including off-campus opportunities, sensory art integration, and vocational work. I cannot express the overwhelming gratitude we have for Meghan and her work. She is a honest, engaging, and hard-working coworker who is always striving to be a better version of herself. Her dedication to the educational team here at Latham and her dedication to her students is inspiring.

Submitted by Kara McDowell

Assistant Principal

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