Summertime, Exercise & PWS

July 19, 2011

I admit it. I love summer! I love the long days, access to the beach, tidal flats, the smell of sunscreen, summer league baseball and the sounds of children playing outdoors into the evening. It is a very good thing I live on Cape Cod! One of the best sights I see on a regular basis is our students with PWS outside playing, walking and exploring their community. Whether they are walking the campus dogs, taking a stroll around campus, playing sports or heading down to Main St or the bay they are always in motion. Walking, laughing, and talking with friends. This is what summer should be about for kids.

Latham’s Summertide program is full of activities and interests for all. Seeing and hearing staff and students outside of my window enjoying themselves makes me smile and wish I was outside joining in more often.

“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.” 
~Sam Keen

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