“Summer Vacation” – Time to Relax Before the School Year

August 31, 2016

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SummerTide 2016 has officially come to a close, and Latham Students’ summer vacation is here! Some students have left campus to visit with family and friends, while others remain on campus to enjoy the last few weeks of summer on Cape Cod. During Summer Vacation, our day supervisor Kristi, plans one outing a day for the kids to enjoy, while teachers plan an activity for the students to partake in during the afternoons.
Some of the outings we will enjoy this vacation include:
  1. a trip to the movies
  2. visiting the Whydah Museum
  3. swimming at the pond and beach
  4. attending a puppet play.
Some of the fun activities we will do on campus include:
  1. working on our 3D animal art pieces
  2. making jewelry
  3. creating bird houses
  4. playing board games
Both the kids and the teachers are looking forward to a fun-filled couple of weeks with that extra down-time that we ALL need!

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