Summer at Latham

July 25, 2012

What is the best part of summer on the Cape while working at Latham Centers? The sound of kids playing is hard to beat. As I sit in my office I smile as I hear the joyful sounds of kids on swings, kids playing ball and riding their bikes. The excitement of field trips, swimming at the ponds, beach walks and summer league baseball games make counselors and students alike look forward to warm, sunny days.

School staff keep lessons interesting and related to activities happening around Cape Cod. Kids benefit from time spent with teachers and aides reviewing and introducing new material that will help prepare them for the coming school year. All throughout the program, music, art, crafts and exercise round out an especially vibrant schedule of fun activities.  Child care workers help prepare students for bed, then begin the process of helping them get ready for a new day on the campus. The collected wisdom and collaboration of all groups make for a great 2012 summer program. Keep that sunscreen applied and go out and have fun!
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Chris Gallant

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