Summer 2013 is Wrapping Up

August 21, 2013

Have you noticed that the air feels & smells different? It’s that time when summer begins  to get “old” for me. I noticed it this weekend and even though it has been years since I needed to contemplate going back to school I see it in the eyes of the summer help around the Cape. College kids are heading back to school. High-schoolers are keeping the ice cream shops, grocery stores and restaurants going and the clever commercials for Target and Staples now clutter the television channels. Except here at Latham! We are in the no “vacant stare” zone! School and summer clubs have been happening all summer long. Kids are active; they are exploring their environment–discovering Cape Cod and all it has to offer.  Performing in plays, creating art, singing in concerts, playing sports, swimming at the beaches, fishing, canoeing, biking—all things that make a summer memorable. I believe the structure we have in place (meals, activities, exercise, academic support), the schedule and the rich activity choices have helped our students enjoy what could otherwise have been the risk of unplanned time – boredom and/or anxiety.

As we begin the transition back to school, we listen to our experts and gently make changes that help students move from one season or schedule to the next. It is a delicate dance, but worth the effort when children know what to expect next. I hope you and your family have enjoyed the summer as well and that you take the remaining few weeks to begin your own transition back to school year routines. Patrice Carroll, our Manager of PWS Services has submitted two earlier blogs HERE  and HERE on ways to help achieve success heading back to school. Scroll back through our blog and take a look. Heading off to school can be a challenge but with careful planning you can be successful!

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Chris Gallant

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