Students Pay Tribute to Tsunami Victims

July 25, 2011

As a tribute to students in Japan who lost their lives and their schools in the March 2011 tsunami, students will be creating various art projects this summer that include sakura trees (cherry blossom trees), sensu and uchiwa fans, koi fish, bento boxes, paper kimonos, kokeshi dolls, and sumi-e calligraphy.

Students in this class enjoy a brief slideshow followed by a hands-on demonstration before they create their own works of art while listening to relaxing, Japanese music.  At the end of the summer, students participating in art class will plant a sakura tree on campus commemorating Japan’s loss as well as our appreciation for the beauty of their country and its people.

Contributed by
Angela Cloutier

“During the darkest indigo midnight, yet will countless stars blossom.”

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