Student Photo Club Photos Are Now On Flickr!

July 2, 2009

Our kids are an amazingly talented group. After seeing some of the fantastic work that was created for our campus art show, Latham decided to create a Flickr site so the whole world could see their beautiful photography. Flickr is an online photography community that celebrates the photography of people from around the world. Visitors can visit our page by clicking HERE and browse our student’s photo submissions and comment on any photos that you find especially good.

Presently, the submissions are from our school photography club, but in the future we may allow other students to post their artwork also. The purpose of the Flickr site is to highlight the art of our student body. It is important to our kids to have other people see and appreciate their work. It is also helpful for our kids to be a part of this larger community and to see where their passion can take them. The site is open for all to visit. Please stop by and enjoy their work!

“Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul – and you answer.” ~Star Richés

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