January 6, 2015

Finding meaningful work to match the abilities and goals of our students is an exciting part of Latham Works, the campus-based vocational program of Latham School. Fortunately, Latham resides in a very supportive community. Having strong ties to the community brings opportunities that might not be available otherwise. 
This past Monday, Latham student Nick started his first off-campus job working at the Orleans Bowling Center. Working off-campus has been a long-term goal for him. Nick currently holds three part-time jobs on campus which are dining room cleaning, recycling, and floor cleaning with the Fantastic Floor team. Nick says, “I’m proud of myself. I’m working toward independence. This is my last year with Latham and I want to be ready for when I move on.”
With Nick’s progress to an off-campus assignment, we know he will achieve great things on the transitional road to adulthood.
Fred Walters
Latham Works Staff

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