Staff Spotlight: Gerry Pouliot and Meghan Pouliot receive 2018 Educator Alumni Award

In a ceremony at the Massachusetts Statehouse last Tuesday, Latham’s Gerry Pouliot and Meghan Pouliot were awarded the 2018 Bridgewater State University Educator Alumni Award. Gerry is Director of Children’s Services at Latham, and Meghan is a Special Education Teacher at Latham. Although each state university in Massachusetts is allowed to honor one alumni per year, faculty in Bridgewater State’s Special Education department petitioned the University to allow for two award recipients this year in order to honor both Gerry and his sister Meghan. The college dean’s award letter noted, “This prestigious honor has been awarded to you on the basis of your outstanding contribution to the field of educational leadership. Your tireless work as the Director of Children’s Services has contributed to the lives of many students and enriched the greater New England Area. Student learning, effective practice and collaboration are the cornerstones of the BSU College of Education and Allied Studies mission and you have excelled in each area and promoted those principles in the schools in which you have been a leader. Please accept this award as a formal acknowledgement of your status as a champion and role model in education.”

The awards were presented to Gerry and Meghan in a formal ceremony at the Massachusetts State House on May 22nd; an excerpt from the ceremony follows:

“Mr. Gerry Pouliot III, and Ms. Meghan Pouliot are a brother/sister team who are changing the landscape of educational services offered to students diagnosed with Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS). Gerry and Meghan work at Latham Centers, a nationally recognized residential treatment center for children and adults with complex special needs, including PWS. Gerry began his career as a special education teacher in the public schools before joining Latham Centers as a teacher in 2010. In 2012, he was appointed Latham School’s Director of Education, and in 2014 he was announced as the new Director of Children’s Services. Mr. Pouliot’s leadership has evolved a clinical program into a model educational center that specializes in the transition of special education students into community adult life. A key element in Latham Centers’ evolution as been the inspiration provided by Gerry’s sister, Meghan Pouliot. Since joining the educational team as a teacher in 2012, Ms. Pouliot has been awarded the Excellence in Service Award from the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, and the 2017 Excellence in Teaching Award by the Massachusetts Association of Approved Private Schools. Her creative curriculum development demonstrated by her “Nauset Circle” model and her “Lights Camera Action” club are just a few of the ways she integrates positive, effective communication among her students, and among the Latham School programs. Combining Meghan’s teaching creativity with Gerry’s innovative leadership has led this sister/brother duo to the top of the charts in a very specialized setting for serving the most challenged of special needs students. They truly inspire those attending Latham, but they also provide unique philosophies, models, and demonstration programs for integrating challenged students into meaningful community life.”

Congratulations to Gerry and Meghan for this outstanding honor. Latham Centers is so fortunate to have you on our team, and we concur with Bridgewater State University – you are both an inspiration to all of us!


Pictured above: Gerry and Meghan at the Statehouse ceremony May 22nd, with Frederick W. Clark Jr., Esq., the 12th president in the 175-year history of Bridgewater State University, his alma mater; and with Anne McManus, President of Latham Centers.

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