Staff Spotlight: Fred Walters receives Roy T. Morgan Award

Special Education Aide Fred Walters was honored with the Roy T. Morgan Award for Exceptional Service at Latham’s End of Year Celebration last Thursday. The Morgan Award acknowledges staff who have made a significant contribution to the work of Latham Centers and the children and adults we serve. Fred has worked in Children’s Services for more than a decade, and he was recognized not only for his vocational work with students, but also his tremendous support for our individuals and fellow staff members.

Fred has been influential in the development of our Latham Works program, working closely with colleagues to ensure our individuals meet their maximum potential. Fred has created many on-campus jobs that are in line with each student’s needs and abilities. Because of Fred and his colleagues, every student at Latham has at least one vocational job—including things like rope weaving; sign painting; pine cone wreath creation; jewelry making; and more.

This year alone, Fred has taken on new tasks including multiple Latham Works wedding orders and a special order for Figawi Charities. Fred led a new sewing club with the students and created costumes for the spring musical. Fred has also found many job placements in the community for our students, including Rogers & Gray Insurance, Wingate Nursing Home, and the Orleans Bowling Center.

In the words of a Latham staff member, “It is rare to ever see Fred without a smile on his face. He is extraordinarily positive and motivated to do well for both himself and the students. Fred is a positive coworker to work alongside and collaborate with. Fred’s ability to de-escalate is unparalleled. He has an innate ability to work with the students emotionally and educationally. He is always trying to bring out the best in each student he is working with.”

Congratulations, Fred, and thank you for being a giant part of the Latham Family!


Photo caption: Director of Children’s Services Gerry Pouliot presented the Roy T. Morgan Award to Fred Walters at Latham’s Year End Celebration. (Also pictured, the official citation from the State Senate in recognition of Fred’s award.)

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