Stacie’s Life at Latham Centers

August 3, 2016


Stacie M. is a 44-year-old woman with Prader-Willi Syndrome who lives at Latham Centers. After 20 years, and during a beautiful event at Ocean Edge with 100 spectators, she told her story:
Hi my name is Stacie I’m here to tell you about what it’s like to live at Latham Centers.  I lived at home with my parents until I was twelve years old, then I moved to a school in New York for people with disabilities, I lived there until I was 17 then I moved to a living arrangement which was supported by the Howard Center in VT living with an staff member.  At 20 I moved into my own apartment where I lived independently for 5 years, however didn’t work out for me as I was having life threating health problems which could have led to sever illness if not death. At this point at age 25 I moved into a group residence with support of the Latham Centers designed specifically for supporting people PWS.
I was very angry at first because I thought my independence was gone forever as years past I set goals for myself around being more independent. I had support and a lot of encouragement by staff to reach my goals.  In the process it gave me a chance to grow and become a better person.
While working on being more independent the staff made sure I was safe and all food was secure. I lost a lot of weight a total of 166lbs over 18 years with staff help, I am now at my ideal weight range, which makes me feel happy about myself and all the stuff I can do at Latham I can walk independently in the neighborhood, shop in the community independently for up to 3 hours. I have learned to become self-medicating which took 3 years of learning, and I complete my own financial packets monthly. 
I also work at the Town of Brewster Chamber of commerce as an administrative assistant without the help of a job coach I have been doing this since 2012.  Some of my task includes answering telephones, filing, and mailings.  I also deal directly with the public who are visitors to Cape Cod, and provide them with information on the goings on, provide pamphlets etc.
I use public transportation to go to and from work and medical appointments.
I have hopes to move on to even more independence one day with either a supported living family or an apartment of my own.  Living in a group home is not all that bad when the outcome is setting goals and reaching them.  The best part is becoming more mature and learning how to cope with the problems that come along with having PWS. 
Our new Latham Community Center will offer me new opportunities. I can’t wait to work out in the fitness center and gym, and socialize with friends in the new auditorium. This will help me to maintain my healthy weight. 
Thank you for reading my story.

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