Spring Cleaning

April 21, 2014

I have been putting off some spring cleaning in my office–primarily, the top of my desk, the inside of my desk, alongside of my desk and under my desk. Basically it is my whole office. Maybe it is because Spring never actually got here that I continue to delay this process.  I seem to collect the oddest bits of information and I hesitate to rid myself of them because if history has shown me anything, it is that the moment I toss it, I need it. There is stuff still here from 2011. In this fast-paced world, that is ancient (kind of like me).

This is not an isolated situation. I have been told that when I cook, I use every pot and utensil available and by the time I finish cooking, my kitchen looks like a crime scene. So, I know my challenge. The phrase that runs through my head is “A place for everything, and everything in its’ place.” Unfortunately, I usually fumble after the “a place for everything” part. It takes patience and organization to become neat. I am not tidy by nature. These are not the words anyone in their right mind would use to describe me. So if it is hard for me, imagine how difficult it is for those who have additional challenges to just “neaten up.” Here are a few ideas that have worked wonders for my family and I in the quest to see the floor or counter in my home or office:

  • Use stackable, clear containers allowing one to see what is inside.
  • Decide on a limit rather than buying more containers for more stuff. Be sure there is some wiggle room to grow a few collections after “culling the herd”. It is like getting your hair cut. It has to grow before it needs cutting again.
  • If you are investing in shelving, be sure to secure it safely to the wall.
  • Put pictures or labels on drawers, cabinets & closets.
  • Make a pledge: Bring something new in, take equal item out (make a fun sign and hang it up).
  • Focus on generosity. Make giving personal. Donate to a hospital, school, library, church group, pre-school, relief organization or a charitable foundation you like or feel supported by.
  • Make it a team or family operation. No one likes to be singled out. Be sure to celebrate a job well done.
  • Take a photo or make a drawing of what the space is now supposed to look like so there is something concrete to compare your effort to.

Not everyone will rejoice in this on-going project. Use your schedule or certain times of day to your advantage and clue in key people in your life (O/T, teacher, siblings, etc) as they, too may have suggestions on how to make this successful. 

Good luck. Spring cleaning, I hear you calling my name.

Submitted by:
Chris Gallant

“The sun was warm but the wind was chill.
You know how it is with an April day.”
~Robert Frost

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