Special Day at the Special Olympics for Special Students

May 19, 2015


This past weekend both the students and adults at Latham Centers attended the Special Olympics. As always, our staff was incredibly reliable, and when the events ran behind everyone did a fabulous job in relieving students’ anxiety.  Seeing everyone cheer for one another truly made the day!
Additionally, Jeremy shined throughout the entire day. He proudly received the Athlete of the Year trophy (top-right) during the opening ceremony, encouraged his team-mates to run hard during the races, and finally and most moving of all, thanked each and every one of the staff members for coming when it was time to go. The rain did not dampen his spirits at the end of the day.  It’s such a blessing to witness a student in his element like that.
I would like to thank Frannie and all of the staff who were there (whether they were officially working or not).
More to follow about the Adults Special Olympics games!
Submitted by:
Suzanne J.

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