Social Media and the Sandy

November 7, 2012

Facebook. Twitter. Texting.  Must I know what you are doing every moment of the day? That’s been my complaint—I just don’t need to know all of this and frankly, I don’t want to. But given the storm named Sandy that just paid us a short (thankfully for us) visit, I truly am grateful to know how people are doing who had a more direct interaction with Mother Nature. 

Thank you to neighbors, friends, relatives, first responders and yes, even strangers  who took a moment to pass along information on those stranded or frightened. One only has to look at the photos of NJ or NY to know that this was a storm of historic proportions. The posts, tweets and messages are getting through in ways that phone calling or driving there can’t.  Thank you for finding a way to use social media responsibly, creatively and heroically!

~Chris Gallant

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