Silly Poems Written by Happy Students 

September 22, 2016

Our students at Latham School have been working diligently on Poetry over the course of the summer. In the process of learning different types, such as Haiku and Shakespearean Sonnets, and writing their own, they are also learning about famous poets, such as Langston Hughes. Below, and in-line with the season getting chillier, is a Halloween themed poem written by students printed by “Race Point Press,” our in-house publishing company run by those same students.
Gorilla mixed with lion mixed with bird is
off the hook
Of my fishing line which falls
Into a barrel of monkeys
Who crept into the next door neighbor’s window
And scared her pants off
I have a secret that no one can know about
When I’m speaking into the telegraph
Because no one can hear me
Went over the hill and ran down to
Thompson’s Field
To fetch a pail of water
Happy Halloween you pumpkin lovers
I never felt so cold
Without my sweater
Haunted jack-o-lanterns
Were sitting on a porch; a tractor trailer decided
to run them over
I love cheeseballs
When they’re covered in pumpkin seeds and dew
If the proof is in the pudding then I just
ate a whole bowl of proof
Onion rings
On top of a hamburger that decided to dance
down the street and sing Happy Halloween
Snap crackle pop rice crispies
Said the fire when it burned the kindle
Why is my Kindle in the fire!
Why is my baby in the fire?
Because he was misbehaving
Naughty naughty
I’m getting my baby out of the fire
Good thing it wasn’t a real fire
Ate four packages of thin mints, not feeling so thin
A witch is making a witch’s brew
Flying on her broom and killed a bat
Perfect ingredient for the brew
Run, Forest, run!
Into a cauldron
Filled with noodles to make forest noodle soup
The witch is turning a kid into a mouse
A mouse is turning a kid into a broom
Swish, swish! went the broom

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