Shared Living Program at Latham Centers: Awake in the Dream Special

August 13, 2015

-3(top) Danny, resident in the Shared Living Program, smiles with his hosts and Cape Cod Parents. (bottom) A drawing composed by Maria’s Shared Living Brother, Andrew, depicts the entire family, Maria included.

You may have seen or heard Magda Moran, Director of Community and Shared Living and Katrina Fryklund, Director of Development on local stations discussing Latham Centers and our burgeoning Shared Living Program. The Shared Living Program at Latham Centers is of the utmost importance as it allows adults residents of Latham Centers the ability for more community involvement and familial supports, while simultaneously benefitting families in the Cape Cod community. How does this work, you ask? The video below answers exactly that. Not only does it touch on HOW the program works, but why it will truly change the lives of the Shared Living Provider and the Shared Living Resident.

Magda discusses the story of Danny and Maria (seen above). Danny has had two successful placements and is currently enjoying learning about the new traditions of his host family. Maria has truly impacted the lives of her Shared Living Provider and her son, which can be seen in the above family portrait.  Andrew and his stuffed animal, Maria and Mom all smile underneath the rainbow.
To learn more about the Supported Community and Shared Living Program please click HERE  or call Magda Moran at 774.353.9292.

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