Shaping our Circle: Employee Recognition and Appreciation

May 6, 2015

-4-4Melissa Weber (left) and Amy Smith (right)

In June, I will have been employed with Latham Centers for 7 years. Over those seven years,  Melissa Weber and Amy Smith have both been my co-workers and have taught me everything I needed to know in order to become a successful part of the Latham community. Having Amy as my direct supervisor and Melissa, now, as a co-supervisor, I am honored to work for them. They support not only myself, but my co-workers. Both Amy and Melissa are always there to listen, to give advice, and give their time when needed. When I think of the “belonging” part to the Circle of Courage, I think of my two bosses who make me feel like I belong here at Latham.
Amibeth Grandy
Overnight Worker

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