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April 29, 2010

The SAIL program at Latham was created to assist women with cognitive challenges to achieve a high living of independence – hence the name Supported Adult Independent Living. Currently SAIL supports 11 women: 7 individuals living in two staffed houses, 2 individuals in shared living homes, and 2 individuals living independently.

All SAIL ladies are encouraged to “be all that they can be.” Each of them has a skill and/or a passion that they express with the help of staff. One young woman is currently creating a unique jewelry line that she plans to offer for sale by summer. Two of the SAIL residents, who love to sing and perform, take music lessons at a private studio in Hyannis. One of our songstresses recently performed on stage to cheers and applause.

The photo above is of another SAIL woman who was honored at an achievement award breakfast sponsored by DDS this Spring. She was recognized for the great strides she has made in her life this year. This young person is in the process of moving from a staffed residence to living independently in her own apartment.

Courtney Voss, SAIL resident
Susan Norton, SAIL Supervisor
Ann McManus, Executive Director, Latham Centers
The great staff for the SAIL program seeks every opportunity to help our individuals deepen their learning and forward the action in their lives. SO far….the sky’s the limit.
Susan Norton
SAIL Supervisor

“We didn’t all come over on the same ship, but we’re all in the same boat.”
~Bernard M. Baruch

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