November 11, 2013

Forgive me please for my insane love for the Red Sox. I have suffered, cheered (and sworn) since the 1970’s for my adopted team. Being a part of Red Sox Nation is like being a member of a club; scorned by many, welcomed by more. I have relatives in Phoenix who profess their love publicly and frequently for the Sox and they have never lived anywhere near Boston. I have a sister in NJ whose dog is named Jeter—she spent last week “incommunicado”. A team that went from worst to first and a city that endured a horrific event demonstrating that fear would not be tolerated became the image of my baseball season.  It is a great finish to a baseball year of incredible highs and lows.

Resilience is the word that comes to me when I think of these events.  The ability of a person to overcome an obstacle; to not allow circumstances to defeat them.  I have the pleasure of working with children and adults who are resilient. They don’t accept their challenges as failure, they figure out how these genetic or emotional “setbacks” can be transformed into successes.  It’s a partnership that requires both parts, program and person, to see the potential for positive outcomes and work towards achieving them.  If there was a world series in life, our students and adults would have their own duck boat parade!

Submitted by:
Chris Gallant

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“Ninety feet between bases is perhaps as close as man has ever come to perfection.” 
 ~Red Smith

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