Race Point Outings

January 18, 2016

-3Ben D. sitting in one of the trucks at the Department of Public Works.

As Race Point students prepare to make their transition out of Latham Children’s Services and on to adult life, these students enjoy a variety of community outings that are relevant to their pending responsibilities and increased freedoms. Outings this fall have focused on local government, emergency services, public transportation hubs, and restaurant outings.
The 2016 Presidential Election will be the inaugural voting experience for most Race Point students.  As a result, we are following the presidential election with interest. In addition to following the candidates and issues in class, students have learned about the various types of local government models. After reviewing the defining qualities of a town meeting format, students toured town hall where they met Michael  Embury, the Brewster Town Administrator and toured the offices where citizens can register to vote, purchase a beach pass, or attend a town meeting forum. Students have also had the privilege of touring other facilities that deliver town services including the fire department and the Department of Public Works.  
Other outings have provided exposure and experience with public transportation.  Students have planned trips using the FLEX bus transport system.  They have also enjoyed outings which have brought them to the Hyannis bus terminal and the Barnstable airport. In each location, the employees of these service facilities have been gracious with their time and resources, providing “red carpet” tours for our Race Point students.  
Perhaps the most anticipated and enjoyable outing took place last week when Race Point students went out to lunch together at the So. Yarmouth 99 Restaurant. Students spent the weeks prior to the outing reviewing appropriate table etiquette, discussing the importance of pleasant dinner conversation, and learning to calculate a tip.  After pre-selecting appropriate menu items, students enjoyed the leisure of dining out together, as they toasted to the future success of one of our graduating students.  
Race Point students look forward to their twice weekly outings as opportunities to flesh out their classroom lessons and practice new skills.   

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