PWS Worries

January 22, 2010

In our Social Skills Groups we have done some work on the emotion worry. Other words for worried are stressed, scared, nervous, anxious and upset. Signs we might be worried can be nail biting, fingers in mouth, looking away, picking, pulling our hair, frowning, having a tantrum or looking all over. Sometimes when we are worried we might seem mad, angry, depressed, sad or shy. Our group wants you to know some of the things we worry about:
  • We are going to miss something
  • Getting in trouble (consequences, reminded about boundaries, not earning incentives/privileges)
  • Others know more or know what’s going on and we don’t
  • Blood work
  • Something big is coming up (visits, cheat days, level 1 petitions)
  • Did I forget something?
  • Going somewhere new
  • Missing food/food is late/menu changes/cheat days
  • Meeting new people
  • Feel like someone’s not listening
  • Taking care of Scout/dog off leash
  • Someone else going first
  • Regular staff out
  • Schedule changes
  • Late/missing medication
  • Stealing–someone else steals something of ours and when we steal
  • Transitioning into adult services


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