Putting Yourself First

December 24, 2014

On airline flights when the stewardesses give you directions on how to use an oxygen mask, they explicitly state that you must always put your mask on before helping anyone else with theirs. The reason for this is clear. If you don’t take care of your basic needs– in this case, breathing–then you will be unable to care for anyone else. This advice holds true in all areas of life: Take care of yourself first or else you will be useless to others.
Over the last month, we have been focusing on providing Generosity to others. For the final week of this month, we will focus on thanking ourselves. The Holidays can be anything but joyful unless we are mindful. Many of you may find yourselves very thin, whether financially, emotionally, and/or physically, as you are pulled in a thousand different directions; it is easy to lose yourself in the process. Stop right now, take a breath and reflect on how much good you are bringing into the world.  
Challenge: Reflect on the positive impact you have on those around you and feel thanks for who you are. Experience your own “It’s a Wonderful Life” scenario and realize how much grayer this world would be without the light you bring to it. Take a few minutes and re-connect with what is important in your life and realize that you are on the right path. Stop feeling bad, stressed, and overwhelmed by what you don’t have and feel grateful for everything you already have. It’s okay to stop and just enjoy small things. Say “thank you” to yourself for striving to make a meaningful life. Continue to mull this over until the New Year and pay attention to what comes up.
Thanks to all members of the greater Latham community. Whether you are a parent, a staff member or a community supporter, it is nice to have you involved with us. Chances are that in your life, you do not receive nearly enough thanks for all that you do. Understand that your work is important and life changing to those around you. Latham has much to be grateful for and we are glad to have you all involved. 
Tim Vaughan
Director of Leadership and Growth

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