Prom 2017: A Beautiful Day for a Beautiful Occasion

June 15, 2017

The Annual Best Buddies prom is another June highlight for the students and staff at Latham Centers. They say, “it takes a village,” and Prom is truly representational of the community coming together to support our residents. Not only do the staff work diligently to coordinate travel (to Harwich Community Center), attire and meals, but Puritan Cape Cod and the Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod work together to provide and under-write exquisite tuxes.

It all starts in Spring when Puritan first comes to campus to fit the gentlemen on Campus, and staff have a “shopping day,” for the ladies. Michael and Kerry from Puritan work with each male student on campus, who selects his vest and tie color, and beautiful, donated dresses hang on racks so that the female students can select their dress of choice. Students also participate in “Brittni and Kara’s Spa,” where they picked a nail color and received individual spa treatment (the day before Prom)!

On Monday morning students ate breakfast and then sprinted towards their rooms to change, where their attire was waiting. Michael Bellich, Kerry Marchant and Patsy Marchant of Puritan helped each male resident get situated, while Latham staffers helped all the ladies get dressed in their gowns, and prepare their make-up and hair. It was a beautiful day as students gathered on the out-door stage for a group photo, and took pictures with their parents, staffers, friends and significant others.

Lisa Oliver and Christina Bologna of the Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod attended the morning photo-shoot and were delighted with the enthusiasm on campus, and over-all warmth by everyone on the field. We could not provide such an amazing day without the COOP underwriting the cost of these tuxes.

Above the photos capture the Prom preparations and our happy community partners holding their thank you signs:
Lisa Oliver, President and CEO, Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod (White Shirt)
Christina Bologna, Marketing Coordinator, Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod (Black Shirt)
Michael Bellich, Store/Sales Manager, Puritan Cape Cod (Blue Suit)
Kerry Marchant, Sales Associate, Puritan Cape Cod (Black Suit)
Patsy Marchant, Part-Time Sales Associate and Volunteer, Puritan Cape Cod (Dark Blue Shirt)
Anne McManus, President and CEO, Latham Centers (Light Blue Shirt)

Thank you to the Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod, Puritan Cape Cod, donors and staff for together creating a memorable day for our students.

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