Principal’s Corner: Halloween at Latham Centers!

November 2, 2015

-3-1Students and staff are festive for the holiday

Halloween on Campus: Balancing Food Consumption and Fun


For any child, the week leading up to Halloween is one filled with excitement. Costumes have been selected and kids wait anxiously to line the streets to gather their favorite candy. I’m sure everyone has a fond memory of All Hallows’ Eve. Take a look at the above photos of students and staff thriving in a safe, fun environment!
At Latham Centers, Halloween can take on a different meaning. Often times students are anxious about the candy that they will not have the opportunity to indulge in. Costumes can be full of different textures that students are not used to because of sensory complications. The staff at Latham Centers take pride in creating a fun holiday for the students on campus without emphasizing those less desirable effects of Halloween.
At Latham Centers, the students Halloween Celebration is as follows: Each student is given 5 candies, 5 toys, and 1 special treat during the Halloween parade route around campus. All students must eat their five candies and the special treat at the conclusion of trick or treating. To ensure that all food is consumed, the teachers and aides of each classroom collect the wrappers and counts to make sure all 6 have been handed in. Stations include but are not limited to “fortune telling,” mystery boxes (sensory integration), and of course the classic ‘Trick or Treat’ candy bowls.
Thank you to ALL the staff and students who make this day as fun as it can possibly be!


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