Principal’s Corner: Another Voice of Valentine’s Day

February 22, 2016

Valentine's Day

On February 11th Chef Paul Donahue served up an AMAZING Valentine’s Day Restaurant Night menu for the Latham students. The residential department with many thanks to ALL the kitchen staff and volunteers decorated the main house dining room with linens, fresh cut flower centerpieces and place settings. Each student arrived at the dinner wearing their very best fine dining outfits.
Students prepped for the meals all day, picking from a four course dinner menu. The meal included an appetizer option such as chilled strawberry soup, rich in all the festive valentine’s colors. Each student choose a salad option with fresh berries and main entrée including proteins, such as baked stuffed Cod and Chicken with asparagus and roasted rosemary potatoes. The evening ended with choice of dessert, peach cobbler with whipped topping OR mixed fresh berry cheesecake.
If I could pick a theme for the evening, GENEROSITY was prevalent in the hearts of the students and Latham staff members. Students used their best manners, were kind to one another and volunteers gave their time to waitress, hostess, and walk students to their seats. At one very heartwarming moment two students asked for the kitchen staff to come into the dining room, obtained the attention of the other students, and asked for their peers to give the cooks a THANK YOU and round of applause!
Submitted by Gina Sheehan,
Children’s Residential Director


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