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November 5, 2010

The PQI Committee met on 10/22/10 to look at the projects we are currently working on here at Latham. PQI (Program Quality Improvement) is collecting and evaluating the data from various programs and departments of Latham Centers. The committee is made up of family members, direct care staff, administrators and a member of the BOD.

We are focusing our efforts in three general areas:

    * Client Outcomes
    * Management/Operations Outcomes
    * Program Outcomes

Data is being collected and measured in:

    * Children’s Services
    * Adult Services
    * Human Resources
    * Finance
    * Nursing

Latham Centers is committed to offering quality care to the students and adults we support. To date, we are examining the reduction of restraints in children’s services among students with high numbers of restraints per month, the completeness of client records in both programs, reducing the number of the elopements in adult services, medication errors in children’s services, updating medical information in adult services, the accuracy and completeness of client financial records and the timeliness of performance evaluations.

For further information on the PQI process, please contact Christine Gallant: cgallant@lathamcenters.org

“Ideas can be life-changing.  Sometimes all you need to open the door 
is just one more good idea. ”
~Jim Rohn
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