Pottery Program: An Update

March 15, 2016



The students and staff at Latham Centers are thrilled with the changes and advancements of the campus based Pottery Program. Many of the students have progressed from just rolling out clay and making shapes, to making usable items (such as bowls). Also, students have learned how to prep for the kiln!
As our students learn about the properties of clay and glaze, they also learn proper techniques from our incredible volunteer teacher, Liz (seen in the above photo with a student). Here the student is learning how to make a Key Ring Rack to put by a door.
Notice the bowl in the photo and see how it started by a student lining a ceramic bowl, covered in plastic, with small clay balls. The student then takes water and smooths the interior walls. After this has had a few days to dry the student will then flip the mold out of the bowl, and smooth the exterior surface. After the artist signs the piece, it is set for fire!
Traditionally, bowls are “thrown” on a wheel, however Liz learned that our population differs from many in that the wheel can be difficult and discouraging. By seeing and meeting the needs of OUR population, Liz and staff have created a perfectly suitable program of which functional and beautiful pieces are the result.

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