Pleasant Bay Class Celebrates Black History Month

March 2, 2011

Recently, the Pleasant Bay class, led by Special Education teacher Lindsay Strimaitis completed a great learning project for Black History month. The group started off by discussing what we already knew about Black History Month and why we celebrate it.  We read a packet and discovered who created Black History Month, when it began, what the purpose is and learned some information about some influential African American people.

Next we began reading “Wanted Dead or Alive”, The True Story of Harriet Tubman by Ann McGovern.  Lindsay read each chapter aloud and the class discussed and contributed important ideas to write on the chapter summary.  The chapters were divided up and each student wrote about 2 or 3 summaries. After writing about each chapter students took turns finding pictures to go along with what they wrote.

Then we made a bulletin board. For the border–Throughout the month of February we traced our hands and colored them in different skin tones.  We wrote words on them that show respect, equality and other values related to Black History month. We added our chapter summaries of the story about Harriet Tubman and the pictures we found. The unit’s ending activity was a quiz on Harriet Tubman’s life. The students were really proud of their work on this project!

“The African-American experience is one of the most important 
threads in the American tapestry.” 
~Bill Frist

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